Monday, September 2, 2019

How To Download Youtube App on Huawei Mobiles if Google Bans Huawei

Downloading Youtube app is not hard now in any brand mobiles just go to play store just search for Youtube and install it. What if Google bans Huawei mobiles? How to Download Youtube App on Huawei Mobiles?

How To Download Youtube App on Huawei Mobiles
How To Download Youtube App on Huawei Mobiles if Google Bans Huawei
Let be frank without youtube, google, play store and some other Google services our mobiles like a body without a soul (or) Mobile without Internet service. It means there is no use of Android mobies.

As you know since from more than 12 months the giant Chinese company Huawei VS USA government have been Fighting over security issues. But the fact is it's not about security issues it's all about 5G technology issues.

The president of America Mr. Donald Trump has banned Huawei devices in the USA and forced some major Gaint USA companies to cut off their relations with Huawei Company.

Like google company has announced they are banning Huawei company and they gave only 90 days time to Huawei. After 90 days they canceled the license for new Huawei mobiles.

For existing Huawei consumers google allowed to use Google services like Youtube, Google drive but they didn't get any google updates in the future.

Anyhow, what if google permanently banned Huawei? How can we use Youtube service on Huawei Mobiles? If you are Huawei user What can you do?

Well, no need to worry about Youtube if google bans Huawei because we have some apps on the internet which works like Youtube app. Like Below

My favorite android app TubeMate, which is famous for youtube video downloader for Android mobiles.

  • The user interface looks Youtube app.
  • Watch videos or download it on the device.
  • Convert and Download MP3 also.
How to download Tubemate app on your Huawei mobiles?

Tubemate app is not available on Google Playstore only you'll get this app on Tubemate website. Really this is an amazing app you'll watch youtube videos on this app or you will download videos for offline view.

To Download Youtube App on Huawei Mobiles Follows the Step by Step guide to download YoutubeApp on Huawei Mobiles.

If you want to download youtube videos on your iPhone device.

Go to Tubmate app and download it on your device after app downloaded you will install it.

Bottom Line

Between the giant, A Chinese company, Huawei and the government of united states war the innocent consumer has been suffered. Customers around the world pay a huge amount to buy mobiles. Millions of Huawei customers are using Huawei mobiles without any problems until the day Mr. Trump the American President has started to blame Huawei and forces the big companies to cut off their relations with Huawei.

In this case, if Google bans Huawei then what happens to Huawei consumers. so, for our safety, we have to finds solutions before anything goes wrong. For that reason, I'll found the best App which is actually Youtube app but it's not. Anyhow right I'll found this solution is best if anything found better than this I will update.

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