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PubG Zombie Mode: Tricks to kill 100+ Zombies without Damage

Download PubG Zombie Mode - In some cases you just need to take a break from the usual PUBG gaming experience and mix things up a bit. PubG Zombie Mode Custom gameplay was a must-have in multiplayer shooters, and you can enjoy this amazing game of exciting combat and competition with your enemies. At the end of this article, you will find the direct download link of the PubG zombie mode to enjoy zombie-themed gameplay.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about PUBG Zombie Mode:

  1. What are the strategies to survive in PUBG Zombie Mode?
  2. What is PUBG Zombie mode?
PUBG Zombie mode

Zombie Mode in PUBG or PubG Zombie mode includes a small selection of well-trained and strong players against 98 different zombies. The zombies may not use or use ordinary weapons; Rather, they have quality in numbers and depend only on their large numbers to dominate their enemies.

In the current state of PUBG, there is no option to customize the game, that is, no players can be selected or the reported battle cannot be changed.

However, this feature is currently under review by PUBG Corp and will certainly open later for everyone, and it will not be long before it does. Players who love battles, shoot and hurry to victory will surely enjoy playing PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS zombie mode.

Although some of the features in this game are repeated, the area is large and there are many different deadly weapons to choose from, making this game a very stimulating and addictive pleasure.

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The PubG Zombies mode is quite unique in terms of PlayerUnknown's normal game modes. Zombies usually cannot get or use weapons. This is exceptionally disturbing and shocking when you come out of the first mode where there is a need to discover some PUBG things, such as defense techniques, weapons, or consumables, to increase your chances of survival.

 The numerical quality of the zombie also gives you the opportunity to accumulate among different players, unlike other modes in which you prefer to stay away from other players in the first mode. Enjoy the PubG zombie mode! You may also like the PubG Army Attack Mode.

What is PUBG Zombie mode? 

PUBG Zombie Mode is one of the most anticipated features of PUBG MOBILE since Tencent Games announced its collaboration with RE Games a few months ago. For those who love to shoot zombies in their spare time, the announcement of zombie mode combines the carefree joy of carelessly shooting zombies with the widely recognized class-leading physics of PUBG MOBILE.

After a long wait, PUBG MOBILE finally gets the zombie update. As of February 19th, Tencent has already been servicing the servers. The PC version got access to a slightly different version of Zombie Mode, which was less terrible and restrained in its approach.

However, this is not the case with mobile gaming. The zombie mode was added to the beta version of PUBG MOBILE almost a month ago, giving eager players a taste of what to expect in the upcoming stable version update. The zombie mode of PUBG MOBILE is comparatively cruel and frightening than the PC version.

Snatching a chicken dinner is not as easy as you think, even if you are an experienced player. Questions, why? I tried my hands in beta mode in zombie mode.

What are the Strategies to survive in PUBG Zombie Mode?

Here are some of my best strategies to kill maximum Zombies without damage myself in PUBG Zombie Mode.
  • A truck near a school or other place: If you jump to school, collect the loot and go to the broken truck behind the school. Get in the truck. Zombies do not come in the car so you can kill the zombies without getting hurt. You jump down to collect the bullets and come back. Do not forget to collect the health packages because some zombies spit fire and hurt you. It's good if you're with the squad so you can heal while others are shooting zombies.
  • Get into the water: Be near water and kill the zombies. Once you feel like you can not kill any more and your health is getting worse, get into the water. Zombies do not get into the water. but again some zombies spit out the fire, which can cause damage. So keep moving in the water. If you run out of bullets or your health comes to an end, continue without weapons. You will surely survive. run until the night is over, which takes about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Killing Tyrant: Killing Bully is very simple, but make sure you go there during the day and not a night to avoid other zombies attacking you and Tyrant. Stay with the tankers near the tyrant or any stones. Keep firing on the head and get covered when the bully throws the big stones. If the tyrant runs to you, keep running and take cover. It takes more bullets to kill the tyrant, so at least 200 bullets. You can even kill Zombie with the knife, but it requires more effort and has a risk.
  • Get Flamethrower: If you kill the tyrant, you can get the Flamethrower. With a flamethrower, you can kill the zombies faster than other ARs or other guns.
  • Do not stand still and shoot: If you stand and shoot, you will soon be surrounded by so many zombies that you can neither kill them all nor have room to walk. Always keep moving and keep killing.
These are some strategies that I follow. I hope that will be helpful. Share your experience and strategies to KILL zombies in the comment section below

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