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YouTube App Download|Youtube Downloader For iPhone & Andriod

YouTube App Download ! Best Youtube video Downloader For iPhone & Andriod

YouTube App Download - If you are looking for a best YouTube video downloader for iPhone or Android 2019 to download any YouTube video for free, then you are in the right place.

If you downloading videos from YouTube means, you can watch them without an internet connection. This is ideal for taking entertainment on traveling like trains, planes, and travel from one place to another place without reliable 4G or Wi-Fi access.

Downloading videos is also great if you using a mobile plan with limited data usage. You can download videos to your phone at home over your home Wi-Fi network and watch it on the go, without compromising data mapping.

It's surprisingly easy to download videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites - for free. YouTube itself offers some video download tools (both on the desktop and on the phone) but not to re-use video for commercial purpose based on YouTube community guidelines.

There are also third-party tools that can do a great job. Continue reading to find out how.

Best Youtube video Downloader For iPhone & Andriod

I assure you that if you read this article completely then you will not go anywhere to search for Best Free YouTube App Download for Android/iPhone Mobiles 2019.

Is it illegal to download YouTube videos?

Downloading YouTube videos through third-party apps violates YouTube’s Terms of Use, which states that you can only stream videos directly from the YouTube servers.

You may also be exposed to potential copyright infringement by downloading YouTube videos, unless you have permission from the copyright owner, are in the public domain, or own the video itself.

However, YouTube has some options for downloading videos through its website and its own Download apps.

In this guide, we will explain to you how to do this and guide you through the other available options for iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC.

Based on my experience these two video downloader’s for the iPhone are best on the internet in 2019. Because these downloaders have amazing tools which help you a lot.

How do you know which downloader is best for us? Free version? Wrong. If you think getting free downloaders are good for us, then you’re wrong. Free video downloaders are one of the best things but not all.

Let me describe some features or tools that all we need in any downloader. It supports all major Video streaming platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion and Vimeo etc.
  1. Easily transfers downloading video on your Mac or PC. 
  2. Supports background play (its best for music videos). 
  3. Support playlist creator. 
  4. Play videos directly from iTunes (Amazing tool). 
  5. Video easily saved to camera roll. 
  6. Friendly user interface. 
  7. Provide free service. (Free downloader’s).

These are the basic and advanced tools which make any video downloader great. If you find above features in any video downloader, you can use it without any doubt.

If you googling there is a lot of applications to download YouTube video for free & paid. But I’ll share with you the best 2 YouTube video downloader for iPhone of all time.

YouTube App Download video’s free for iPhone.

Best YouTube Video Downloader for iPhone in 2019

Best Youtube video Downloader For iPhone & Andriod

In my experience and small research for Best YouTube video downloader for iPhone, I would find two best & free applications on i-store to download any videos from the internet into your iPhone device. They are 
  • Vida+
  • iDownloader-Download Manager
These are the two video downloader’s for iPhone, I’ve found in my research and they provide some amazing tools. If you really want to download videos from YouTube and other video streaming platforms I recommended you go with this downloaders.

What makes these video downloader for iPhone best?

This 2 video downloader for the iPhone has some great features and I’ll explain it below. 

1.Vida+ Video downloader for iPhone

Video downloader for the iPhone
  • Friendly user interface. 
  • Easily transfer to Mac or PC. 
  • Secure app by Passcode or Touch Id. 
  • Supports background play. 
  • Saved to camera roll. 
  • Video to MP3 Conversion.

Vida+ is a free program for the iPhone to download any videos on your device, developed by Masahiro Kanai.

And it is very fast and easy to download any videos like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Vimeo, and any other websites.

If you really want the downloader to download videos on your iPhone I recommend you please go with this app just because it's simple and easy.

This software has been published on SoftNokia on November 15, 2018. We encourage you to try it out and ask us to leave a comment or rate it on their website or app store. I will really appreciate it!

Vida + requires iOS 8.1.2 or above. The current version of the program is 1.0.0, and you can run it in English, Korean and Japanese. 

2. "File Manager for Browser & Docs" For download videos
  • High speed downloading.
  • Saved to camera roll.
  • Easily transfer to Mac or PC.

In this article, you will learn how to download videos from the Internet into the iPhone and you can save them in the camera roll. You can download videos from the YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram services.

I'm not going to show you the process of getting direct YouTube videos, but here I will use the YouTube video service Just replace the YouTube URL with the YouTube Video URL and follow the same steps.

First, copy the video URL from the service that you want to download the video to the iPhone. In my case, I choose YouTube video, but you can select Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Once you've copied the video URL, open the App Store now and look for the 'File Manager for Browser & Docs' app and download the app on your iPhone device.

Once the app is downloaded to your iPhone and closes all popup ads. Of course, these are annoying.

Now, open the pickvideo.net website here inside this application browser. To get a YouTube video, select the YouTube icon or to download the video from the Vimeo service, select Vimeo.

As I am downloading videos from YouTube, paste the video URL and select this download icon.

Now come down to choose quality and long press on the download label. Choose 'Downloads' from among the options. Now go to the 'Downloads' tab and select these three points after the video download is completed.

From the list of options, select 'Open in' and select 'Save Video'. Now come on the camera roll and find the downloaded video in the iPhone.

YouTube App Download video’s free for Android users

video downloader for the android

For Android users also have so many video downloader’s to download videos from YouTube and other platforms among them I’ll tell you 2 best free YouTube Video downloader ’s and it's downloading speed is super fast even 2G, 3G users.
  • Vidmate 
  • TubeMate

Both are a well-aimed application for YouTube videos downloads

1. VidMate Video Downloader for android
  • Friendly user interface
  • Simple to use
  • Speed downloading
  • Supports other major video platforms

One of the most popular applications currently available on play store to download videos and songs from online services such as big video streaming platforms like Vimeo, DailyMotion, YouTube. You can download any videos from websites like Funny or Die, Sex Video, Vine, Tumblr, Sound cloud, Met cafe, and other multimedia portals.

With this highly recommended app, you will have to download from practically any video site. This app allows you to select the quality that you want to watch and download, including HD formatting and other low-quality settings on the most video websites, and it will take very little space on your memory.

It's free to use and is available on Google play store or you can download direct Vidmate Apk.

If you want to update them, you will need to update all the apps by going to other tools like Google Play or Uptodown and find new options for Vidmate.

How to Install the Vidmate App On Android Device 2019?

Installing the Vidmate app is so simple like other apps do,

Step 1: Go to the PlayStore app.
Step 2: Type Vidmate on the search box. 
  • Vidmate app appears in the top place, the logo looks like
video downloader for the android

Step 3: Click on install, after complete the installation
Step 4: Open Vidmate app.
Step 5: Then, click ok, ok, ok…, that’s it.

If you get any issue to downloading Vidmate app please check the settings. In settings, go to security and scroll down next to allow “unknown sources” and try the installation process again.

How to download YouTube videos from Vidmate?

video downloader for the android

VidMate app has a simple interface, on the main screen you’ll see some logos like youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc., click on the youtube logo then your screen looks youtube official app.

Simply select videos that you want to download, play video and at the bottom it visible the download option just click on it.

Once you click on download option you’ll get video downloading quality option, simply select any of them as you like then click the ok button that’s it your video starts downloading. Enjoy!

2. TubeMate video downloader for android

The interface looks like a Youtube Official app.
  • Speed downloading.
  • Pause and resume.
  • Provide a video player.
  • Supports an external video player.

TubeMate is one of the most popular tools for downloading YouTube videos on Android smartphones, and with good reason: It's very easy to use and has the features you need without you being fooled.

Tubemate is all time my favorite video downloader for android devices because its user interface is the same as YouTube official app. While using TubeMate it's feeling like you’re using youtube app.

In Tubemate you can download any YouTube video easily with different formats like HD, Mp4, Avi, 3GP, and just Audio of the video also just like Vidmate App.

This application is only supported by the Android mobile device. If you want YouTube downloader for iPhone, I'll already tell you earlier.

If you want to download only the YouTube video, I recommend you to go Tubemate App and I'm also used to download YouTube videos.

If you want to download Tubemate directly from web click this Tubemate.Apk

Tubemate video downlaoder for android
How to Install the Tubemate App On Android Device?

Installing Tubemate application is too simple Just like Install Vidmate app and after installation, your screen looks like this below :

The TubeMate Video Downloader is not available on the Google Play Store (Google is not popular with YouTube downloaders).

First, you must allow your Android device to install and run apps downloaded from other locations.

Be careful if you enable this setting because you only want to download apps that you know are safe. Open "Settings" and go to "Security".

Scroll down and next to "Unknown sources" tap the toggle button to enable this setting.

Now visit the TubeMate YouTube Downloader website on your Android device and select one of the verified sites from which it can be downloaded.

It's simple to look you are using official youtube application when you play any video you want you'll get download options,

Select any format in the list shown above then starts download that's it. All downloaded videos are stored in memory.

You can also add YouTube videos to a queue for later download. This is handy if you are currently using 4G and want to wait for Wi-Fi to be available before downloading large files.

Bonus Information About Youtube:

Why YouTube should be part of your life?

YouTube is the world's second largest search engine and first in the video search engine. YouTube has more than 3 million searches per month and it contains billions of videos.

In fact, YouTube growing rapidly every day 4 billion videos viewed every day on YouTube and more than 800 million people are unique visitors every day.

The major reason is its free platform and here you can watch videos no. of times. You will get here billion of videos all in category wise for example E-learning, entertainment, sports, politics, and many more.

In this period people around the world using internet for their needs like learning courses, watching entertainment, sports, news, and the best part of YouTube is whatever you search on you will get best results.

Now come to our main part, YouTube consume Data whenever viewer watch the video’s on YouTube and number of times you’ll watch it charges internet Data.

Why people Wants YouTube App Download?

In this case, I think only 2 reasons are there

1. To Save Time

If you don’t have time to watch a video at that particular time then you simply download video on your mobile through the YouTube app download.

2. To Save Net Data

If you want to watch the same video more times then YouTube app download is the best way to download video’s on your device and the best part is you can easily save mobile data.

Remember, Data = Money, save data means saving money.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope You understand everything about the Best Free YouTube App Download For Android/iPhone Mobiles 2019. If you really find this article is very helpful to you then please share this article with your friends and family.

Still, if you have doubts please feel free to use the comment section below and I'll respond to your comment and I'll give my best to solve your problems.

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  1. One of my friend suggest me that to use VidMate downloader. He says that it can download any files too first. After listening to him, I downloaded this VidMate app on my device. And yeah, now I can download anything...